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Spud Smart Webinar & Podcast: Remote Sensing For Potato Production

What is remote sensing, and how can we use it in today’s potato production systems? In this free webinar, participants will learn about: • Types of remote sensing equipment • Remote sensing to assist with agronomic decisions • Remote sensing in storage • Remote sensing and variable rate nitrogen Presenters: • Anne Smith, Ph.D. Anne is a Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre • Brian…

Spud Smart Webinar & Podcast: Start With Healthy Potato Seed

Healthy potato seed is the cornerstone of potato production. Indeed, healthy seed helps to ensure a healthy yield. In this free webinar, participants will learn about: – The importance of healthy seed – How adverse storage conditions affect seed stock – Proper seed handling tips – How to find that perfect seed stock Presenters: • Steven B. Johnson, Ph.D., crops specialist and extension professor, University of Maine • Shaun Pelkey, P.Ag, manager…

Spud Smart Webinar & Podcast – Potato Storage

Storage losses have declined substantially over the years as storage facilities and storage technologies like ventilation systems and temperature sensors improve. Basic storage management recommendations themselves, however, have remained relatively unchanged for many years. In this free webinar, we will hear from top experts in the field about: – Airflow and ventilation – Hot and cold conditions – Disease pressure – The future of storage Presenters: • Dr. Robert Coffin, potato researcher…

Spud Smart Webinar & Podcast – Soil Health

Potato production can disrupt the soil in a very aggressive way, but there are a number of agronomic measures farmers can follow to bolster soil health. In this webinar, we will talk about practices to help increase the soil’s capacity for potato production, including: • Why organic matter is important for soil structure. • How biodiversity in the soil can help suppress soil-borne disease and pest pathogens. • Using cover crops, minimizing tillage and going to…

Spudsmart Webinar & Podcast – Fall Bedding

  Experts weigh in and share their experiences on how fall bedding can improve the soil environment, ultimately leading to greater yields. Fall bedding in potato fields allows for soil preparation work to be done when growers typically have more time and labour available to them. In this webinar, we present expert views on how this procedure can improve the soil environment, ultimately leading to greater yields. Sponsored by: McCain Foods

Spudsmart Webinar & Podcast – Soil Fumigation

  Experts share their experiences and weigh in on why soil fumigation can be a useful tool in combatting soil diseases in potatoes. During this webinar you will: • Learn how soil fumigants are used to control nematodes and problematic diseases in potato such as verticillium wilt and common scab • Discover how soil fumigation can improve potato yields and quality • Learn about best practices for applying fumigants such as chloropicrin…

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