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Potato plants in a row in a field

McCain to Build First Farm of the Future in New Brunswick

McCain Foods will be building three Farms of the Future in order to showcase how regenerative farming practices and the latest agricultural technology and innovations, can be implemented at scale, the food processing company says in a news release on July 13. “We’ve been working in partnership with many growers for generations, and this is a next step in ensuring the future of this important industry, and a Canadian food staple,” Max…

Alberta potato harvest

Pandemic Fallout

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all areas of the Canadian potato industry and forced growers to rethink their planting plans. In mid-March, the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown hit North America. Businesses shuttered and governments placed restrictions on everyday life. On potato farms across the country, farmers watched cautiously knowing business would be affected. “Once they started shutting down all these businesses, like restaurants and those types of things, that’s when we started…

A pile of potatoes

Feds Announce Details of $50 Million Food Surplus Program

Applications from for-profit and not-for-profit organizations are now open for the $50 million food surplus program which was announced by the federal government in May, a June 15 news release from the ministry of agriculture and agri-food says. “The pandemic has caused significant fluctuations in food demand and supply, resulting in surplus food across our country,” Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food, says in the release. “We are working hard to…

Farm worker

Ontario Government Give $15 million to Protect Ag Workers Amid Pandemic

Employers in the agri-food sector in Ontario will now be able to access funds to enhance health and safety measures on farms and in food processing facilities, a news release from the government on June 12 says. The government is investing $15 million to significantly expand the Agri-Food Workplace Protection Program. “Today’s investment will allow farmers to adapt to this new environment and implement additional health and safety measures during the COVID-19…

Unwashed raw fresh potatoes

New Brunswick Potato Farmers Call for Feds to Take Action

As potatoes sit in storage and start to rot, potato growers are awaiting more direction from the federal government following the announcement of the $50-million Surplus Food Purchase Program in May, a new release from Potatoes New Brunswick on June 4 says. There has been little news released about the program since the announcement. “We need to finally settle with the province and federal government so that we can dispose of these…

Potato plants growing in a field

Feds Launch $100 Million Pandemic Business Disruption Fund Through FCC

The Canadian federal government is launching a $100-million Agriculture and Food Business Solutions Fund to support proven, viable companies through unexpected business disruptions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, through Farm Credit Canada (FCC), the government says in a release on May 14. The fund is being launched in partnership with Calgary-based venture capital firm Forage Capital Inc., with FCC as the sole investor. “This type of investment fund will offer companies another option when faced…

Farm worker

Feds, Ontario Government Launch $2.25 Million Farm Protection Program

The Ontario government, along with the federal government, are investing $2.25 million in order to help farmers better protect employees and ensure the continued supply of healthy food products for consumers during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ontario government says in a news release on May 14. “This additional support will help Ontario farmers quickly adopt new on-farm measures and practices that follow the best public health guidance, so they can continue to…

Unwashed raw fresh potatoes

Alberta Potato Farmers Get Provincial Help

Potato farmers in Alberta have been included in the latest aid package for agriculture in the province, a May 7news release from the Government of Alberta says. As restaurants have closed across North America due to the pandemic, the volume of french fries being consumed has fallen, the release says. To help farmers affected by the demand drop the Alberta government has increased the payment under AgriStability from 50 per cent to…

Farm worker

Ontario Studying Ag Worker Retention

The Ontario government, along with the federal government, are investing $350,000 for labour market research and resources to help the growing agriculture sector, the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC), says in a news release. “This investment will help grow the sector’s workforce and ensure Ontarians have the necessary skills to start fulfilling careers in agriculture,” Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal minister of agriculture and agri-food, says in the release. Through funding from the Canadian…

Potato plants in a row in a field

CFA asks Feds for $2.6 billion to Help Canadian Ag

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) is asking the federal government to make a $2.6 billion Agriculture and Agri-Food Emergency Fund to help maintain Canadian food security in response to the pandemic, the group says in a news release on April 30. The amount is based on estimates made by commodity groups across the country as of last week. It only covers the immediate impact COVID-19 has caused agriculture and should be…

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