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BioLink® Herbicide EC Approved for Use in Canada

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved Westbridge Agricultural Products’ BioLink® Herbicide EC for use in Canada, the company says in a release on April 30. It is approved for use by both organic and conventional growers. “The herbicide will provide growers with a safe and valuable tool to help meet their certified organic crop production goals,” Tina Koenemann, Westbridge president, says in the release. “It will also be a valuable…

Plane spraying potato field

Shrinking Toolbox

With fewer pesticides available to control insects and disease, potato growers in Canada need to find new options for protecting their crops. In recent years, the loss of a number of important pesticide products as well as new restrictions on the use of some others has meant potato growers are having to think outside the toolbox to protect their crops from harmful diseases and insects. Among the latest pesticides to be removed…

A weedy potato field

Timing Can Be Everything

Successful weed control with using a combination of tank mix chemistry and timing of applications. Controlling a wide variety of weeds in a field can be a little like playing the lottery. If you time it right, choose the best products and don’t experience any adverse environmental factors, you may have a winning combination. To gamble with better odds of success for weed control and reduce the chance of developing herbicide resistant…

Aerial spraying

Keeping Up with Change

Recent re-evaluations by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency mean potato producers should take extra care to read the label when applying pesticides like chlorothalonil this year. In recent years, special reviews and re-evaluation decisions on pesticide uses by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) have had a considerable impact on potato farming in Canada. For growers and other stakeholders in the industry, it’s been a challenge to keep up with regulatory…

Potato seeds poking out of the dirt

Seeding Checklist

As you prepare your potato seed to plant this spring, here are a few things to keep in mind. Preparing your seed and making sure you’re planting the right variety for your area can help optimize your potato crop. Here are a few things to keep in mind for spring planting, from Steven Johnson, crops specialist with the University of Maine’s presentation at the Ontario Potato Conference in Guelph, Ont. in March….

P.E.I. Farmers Fight Back Against Late Blight With Ag Tech

To cut down on costs and make their operations more efficient Prince Edward Island potato farmers have started using precision agriculture technology to prevent late blight, according to a news release from the Prince Edward Island Potato Board. Farmers usually use fungicides throughout the growing season to protect from late blight which can cause millions of dollars in crop losses. Many P.E.I. farmers though have started using precision agriculture technology like localized…

Potato plants in a row in a field

BASF Launches Cevya Fungicide in Canada

 BASF introduces Cevya fungicide featuring the new Revysol fungicide active ingredient (AI) which is now registered in Canada*. Cevya fungicide offers fast and continuous control of key diseases in fruits and vegetables including apples, potatoes and sugar beets.  “Cevya fungicide is a systematic fungicide providing preventative and post infection control of key diseases for growers challenged with resistance and seeking to maximize their yields. The fungicide controls biotypes that may have developed…

BASF Introduces New Distribution Model for Agricultural Solutions in Western Canada

BASF will launch an enhanced RetailConnect distribution model for its Agricultural Solutions portfolio, which will work directly with independent retailers across Western Canada. The introduction of a direct-to-retail distribution model follows the acquisition of a range of businesses and assets from Bayer nearly one year ago. “RetailConnect enables a stronger relationship with independent retailers,” said Jonathan Sweat, vice-president, Agricultural Solutions, BASF Canada. “BASF recognizes the need to provide an even more efficient, agile and…

Vine Killing: Timing is Everything

As any potato grower will attest to, a successful growing season often comes down to what transpires below the soil’s surface. A field full of healthy, robust tubers usually translates into a positive bottom line. As significant as the happenings below ground may be to growers’ fortunes, events above the surface can have an equally big impact on just how fruitful their season may be. Perhaps there is no better example of…

BASF to Discontinue All Metiram-Containing Products

In accordance with the recent Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) decision regarding products containing Metiram, BASF will be discontinuing all Metiram-containing products according to the PMRA-mandated phase-out schedule below.   The Metiram active ingredient is available commercially as Polyram® DF (PCP: 20087) (a stand-alone Metiram formulation) and Cabrio® Plus (PCP: 30395) (a co-formulation of Metiram and Pyraclostrobin).  BASF may only sell Cabrio Plus or Polyram DF prior to December 31, 2019. Distributors and retailers can continue…

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