Spudsmart Webinar & Podcast – Managing Soil-Borne Potato Diseases

For potato farmers, soil-borne pests and diseases such as Verticillium, nematodes, pink rot and Rhizoctonia can have a big impact on the bottom line...

From the Floor – Manitoba Potato Production Days

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From the Floor – Manitoba Potato Production Days 2017 – Greentronics

Manitoba Potato Production Days January 24, 25 & 26th 2017 Brandon, Manitoba

Spudsmart Webinar & Podcast – Fall Bedding

 Experts weigh in and share their experiences on how fall bedding can improve the soil environment, ultimately leading to greater yields.Fall bedding in potato...

Spudsmart Webinar & Podcast – Soil Fumigation

 Experts share their experiences and weigh in on why soil fumigation can be a useful tool in combatting soil diseases in potatoes.During this webinar...

Spudsmart Webinar and Podcast – Yield Monitoring

Expert views on how yield monitoring systems can benefit potato growers.Sponsored by Greentronics

Spudsmart Webinar and Podcast

Agronomic experts share their research findings and views on the importance of high-quality seed in potato production.During this webinar, you will learn how seed...

Spud Smart Webinar

Expert views on how this practice can improve yield and quality and reduce defects.Growers and agronomists share their experiences and views on best management...