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Potato plants growing in a field

U.S. Potato Acres Down 4.9 Per Cent in Pandemic Contract Cuts

United States potato growers planted 47,300 fewer acres to potatoes this year than they did during 2019, with the biggest cuts coming in Washington, Idaho, and North Dakota, who accounted for over 80 per cent of the decline, the July 1 issue of North American Potato Market News (NAPM) says. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s potato acreage report was released on June 30, however NAPM believes the USDA has overestimated acreage for Oregon, Wisconsin and Nebraska,…

French fries

French Fry Processors Scrambling to Find Potatoes to Keep Plants Running

In April as the pandemic swept North America french fry processors made drastic moves to balance their raw product supplies with expected usage requirements, however their work may be backfiring on them, the June 24 issue of North American Potato Market News says. With demand improving processors have started to repurchase some of the potatoes they had abandoned earlier, however they are finding growers have found ways to dispose of potatoes quicker than anticipated….

McDonald's french fries

McDonald’s International Sales Fell by 39 Per Cent in April, 30.9 Per Cent in May

Only 75 per cent of McDonald’s stores globally were open as of April 30 as the COVID-19 pandemic forced the fast food giant to close its stores, however by June 19 95 per cent of McDonald’s restaurants were open again, the June 17 issue of North American Potato Market News says. System sales for the fast food restaurant dropped by 39 per cent during April and were down 20.9 per cent in May. Sales…

French fries

Fry Backup Continues to Keep Canada Potato Stocks High

The pandemic french fry demand downturn pushed Canadian potato stocks to 20.82 million cwt as of June 1, 26.8 per cent more than in 2019, the June 10 issue of North American Potato Market News says. Ontario was the only province which had less potatoes in storage than last year, while the rest of the provinces, except for British Columbia, had 22 to 35 per cent more potatoes in storage. “Intended use data…

A pile of potatoes

U.S. Potato Acreage to Drop by 60,300 Acres

Overall potato acreage in the United States will drop by 60,300 acres and will likely fall short of last year’s levels in 10 of 13 reporting states, the June 3 issue of North American Potato Market News says. Colorado acres will increase though, while acres will be flat in California and Texas. Each of those states will likely experience shifts in the types of potatoes grown, the report notes. Chip potato contract volumes…

French fries

French Fry Sales Bouncing Back Faster Than Expected

North American french fry sales may be coming back faster than the industry had expected with the anticipated buildup of finished-product inventories not having happened, the May 27 issue of North American Potato Market News says. “We believe that April sales of finished product exceeded industry expectations,” the report says. “However, we are picking up anecdotal evidence that sales are coming back more quickly than fryers had anticipated when they cut 2020…

French fries

Pandemic Caused Drop in U.S. Potato Exports to Canada

After crop losses last fall in Manitoba and Alberta, french fry processors were forced to import potatoes from the United States to fill increased processing demand, however those imports slid in mid-March as the COVID-19 pandemic caused french fry demand to drop off, the May 20 issue of North American Potato Market News says. U.S. trade data shows during January to March Canada imported 1.187 million cwt of fresh potatoes from the…

Pile of potatoes

Canadian Potato Stocks Rise on Reduced Pandemic Demand

As the pandemic reduces demand for potato products Canadian potato holdings are at 32.25 million cwt as of May 1, which is 13.1 per cent higher than last year, the May 13 issue of North American Potato Market News says. On April 1, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba were the only provinces with more potatoes in storage than they held a year earlier, by May 1 though, British Columbia was the only…

Grocery store potatoes

Fresh Potato Sales Drop After March Pandemic Spike

Sales of fresh potatoes fell in April following March’s pandemic stockpiling increase, the May 6 issue of North American Potato Market News says. American fresh potato sales dropped 6.8 per cent in April, compared to last year. This was a sharp reversal from March when there was a 11.2 per cent jump in sales. “While shipments continued to run ahead of the 2019 pace in a number of growing areas, other areas…

Canada Processing Potato Acres to Drop by 15 to 25 per cent: USDA

Canadian processing potato acres are forecast to fall by 15 to 25 percent while fresh potato acreage will stay the same as last year, as the the global pandemic has caused a shift in demand, a new report entitled “COVID-19 Impacts Canadian Potato Sector” from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service says. Prior to the pandemic provincial boards had met in early March, at the time they had…

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