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In this issue, you’ll discover how new research shows promise in curing common scab. You’ll also learn about preventing Dickeya, Curtailing Chlorothalonil, and get tips from industry experts on best practices for soil fumigation.

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The Canada and Manitoba governments have invested more than $210,000 in a new vegetable research site near Winkler, Man., focused on improving yields, developing new varieties and creating opportunities for potato, sweet potato and carrot growers. The announcement was made today by federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler. Funding will be provided through Growing Innovation – Capacity Knowledge and Development to support research focused on: • nutrient…

A strong Wisconsin potato harvest is under way. These are red potatoes being harvested in Wisconsin. Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association.

Wisconsin potato crop to be very strong

All signs are positive for another strong season for the Wisconsin potato industry. Tamas Houlihan, executive director of the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association, said all potato types, including reds, are thriving in Wisconsin fields. In a mid-August interview, Houlihan said, “We have had adequate rainfall and a great growing season. Our growers got in the ground on time and we had good quality early. This is a more normal year….


FDA Launches New Nutrition Facts Label for Potatoes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released revisions to the Nutrition Facts label, which has graced the back of packaged foods for more than 20 years, according to Northern Plains Potato Growers Association. The new label requirements are mostly good news for potatoes, especially the required inclusion of potassium, which will increase awareness of this important nutrient and highlight the content of potatoes (relative to other foods in particular). The…

The PE Potato board says Island potato crop are in good shape, they just need a bit of help. (Stephanie Kelly/CBC News)

More rain still needed in PEI

The P.E.I. Potato board says with a bit more rain, the Island’s potato crop should be on track. “Overall, I think we’re in really good shape,” said board chair Alex Docherty. He said this is a critical time in the season, and what’s needed now is 25 to 35 millimetres of rain per week. Some crops need even more. “Especially for the Burbank crop, they definitely require at least an inch [25 mm] of rain…

Latin America loses up to 20 per cent of its potato to the drought

Several experts on potato crops stated in Panama that global warming destroyed between 10 per cent and 20 per cent of Latin America’s annual potato production and that it had become the main threat faced by this crop, even more than the late blight, an aggressive fungus that affects this crop. “The high temperatures and the erratic rainfall have rendered the late blight into the background. Production is declining between 10 and…

Gary Linkletter from PEI checking some of the varieties that were on display at the Ontario Potato field day.

Ontario Potato field day a success

Approximately 250 growers, crop consultants and potato-industry personnel gathered to see the latest potato equipment, new potato varieties and the trade show at the 2016 Ontario Potato Field Day. Held August 18, the event was hosted by HJV Equipment in Alliston, supported by the Ontario Potato Board and organized by potato specialist Eugenia Banks. Potato growers from Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec also attended the field day. There were over…

One of the potato varieties that will be shown on Parkland's Potato Variety field day is this fingerling 'Bellanita.'

Parkland hosts first ever potato varieties field day

Parkland Potato Varieties will be hosting its first annual open day at the Crop Diversification Centre South in Brooks, Alta. on August 26th from 10 am to 2 pm. Although Parkland has participated in numerous trials around North America, this is the first time Parkland will have its own field day. “As we change our marketing approach on new varieties, we felt it was the right time to do our own field…


Potato crop report for Aug. 15, 2016

Prince Edward Island: Rain has been the most limiting factor on PEI the last month or 
so. Fortunately most of the Island received 15 to 20 mm this past weekend and more is predicted for midweek. It is hard to project the impact of the dry conditions on final overall yield but at this time the projected average yield will be down to 270 cwt./acre from last year’s 279 cwt./acre.
New crop movement…

Study reveals true cost of developing GMO potatoes

A recent study has revealed that the cost of developing GM potato varieties is in fact not that much more than for conventionally-bred varieties. The study, published in the International Journal of Biotechnology, demystifies the belief that releasing a GM crop costs tens, if not hundreds, of millions of U.S. dollars. The study assessed the cost and time of developing a GM late blight resistant (LBr) potato variety for deregulation and release as…

Rain ‘what the doctor ordered’ for potato crop

The P.E.I. potato crop was in desperate need of some rain after dry conditions during this growing season, and the rain that fell Sunday was just what was needed, says a farmer in eastern P.E.I. “The quality of this rain couldn’t be better, because it’s soaking right in, as compared to a torrential downpour that would, a lot of it would run off,” said Ray Keenan, owner of Rollo Bay Holdings in…

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