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In the spring 2018 issue of Spud Smart, we showcase the 2018 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada accelerated release varieties. Also in this issue, read about the next level of weed control, Colorado potato beetle management techniques, and the effect of climate change on potato production now and into the future.

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Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference East 2018

OCTOBER 15 & 16, 2018 Hilton/Fallsview, Niagara Falls   Listen, Learn, Network, and Grow! Connect with like-minded women passionate about agriculture and food. Grow from informative, inspiring and motivating discussions with influential leaders. Learn the tools and techniques that will empower you to live to your full potential.  Source: Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference  

Potato Europe 2018: Focus on Seeds, Machinery and Storage Technology

Potato Europe 2018 once again established itself as a major meeting place for the international potato industry. With around 10,000 visitors from over 60 countries, at the end of the second day of the fair the organization of the specialist event at Bockerode Estate (Northern Germany) can look back on a successful edition. Only the rain on the second day of the fair was a minor disappointment, as the majority of visitors…

Austrian Potato Harvest 2018 Remains Far Below Expectations

This year, decision-makers from the Austrian potato industry again gathered in Roseldorf/Lower Austria at the end of August to discuss the state of the national and international potato markets. Present were producers, traders, industry representatives and government officials and spokesmen for Farmers’ Union and the Chamber of Agriculture, all providing various contributions and evaluating the current situation. After an icy March and the subsequent late seeding of the early varieties, the above-average…

Lifting Continues in United Kingdom Albeit Off the Pace

Lifting across the UK has continued this week although it remains behind normal levels. Growers continue to wait for tubers to gain bulk and for skins to set, following the drought and subsequent rains. For many, secondary growth is a concern, particularly for non-irrigated crops. That said there have been reports this week of secondary growth issues on irrigated land. Old crop availability continues to stretch, albeit with some usual deterioration. In…

Computer Models Provide New Insights for Sustainable Control of Potato Late Blight

Wageningen University & Research uses computer models to develop sustainable management strategies in the control of potato late blight, caused by Phytophthora infestans. Francine Pacilly will receive her PhD on this socially relevant topic on September 4. Her research provides important insights for farmers, breeders, potato traders, retailers and governments. Resistant varieties can play an important role in sustainable disease control, but cooperation between stakeholders in the whole potato sector is required….

Alberta Farmers Fret Over Late-Summer Snowfalls that Delayed Harvest

Some Alberta farmers are concerned about their crops after a late-summer snowfall blanketed parts of the province, with more flurries expected in the forecast. Early season snow can squash crops that grow upright, like wheat and barley, make them harder to harvest and decimate their quality, leaving farmers with a less valuable product. Greg Sears has been growing canola, wheat, barley and peas just north of Grande Prairie, Alta., for about a…

Spuds Become Latest Trade Irritant as U.S. Senator Calls for Probe of Alleged Canadian Potato Dumping

U.S. and Canadian trade negotiators might need to add spuds to a list that already includes cheese, steel and softwood lumber. A Republican senator has asked his government to investigate allegations by American farmers that Canadians are illegally dumping potatoes into their market, potentially opening a new front in the two nations’ trade war. A Democratic member of the senate has added her voice, too, suggesting there’s a “strong case” that Canadians…

Even an Average Potato Crop ‘Will be a Challenge’ this Year

It is getting late in the growing season, and the P.E.I. Potato Board says without some rain soon the harvest will come up short. “It’s been relatively dry, and since August we’ve had spotty rainfalls across the province and above normal temperatures and wind, and that’s created dry conditions,” said board general manager Greg Donald. There was very little rain in July, and Agricultural Canada classified most of the Island as abnormally…

New Late Blight Strain Identified: US-25

A new late blight strain type, US-25, has been identified in New York State. To date, this new strain has only been found on tomato. Christine Smart, a professor at Cornell University, has been keeping potato pathologists informed on US-25, which is now known to be Ridomil/mefenoxam-resistant, says Eugenia Banks, a potato specialist with the Ontario Potato Board. US-25 is of the A2 mating type, and under laboratory conditions will infect potato…

U.S. Potatoes Rebrand Highlights Performance-Boosting Benefits

The lowly potato, while universally enjoyed, doesn’t get a whole lot of love, especially for its nutritional benefits – perhaps because the starchy tuber is often fried, mashed and mixed with non-healthy ingredients. But the U.S. potato industry, represented by the marketing organization Potatoes USA, is hoping to change that by focusing on real science in a new marketing and advertising campaign. The campaign supports the performance-boosting benefits of potatoes by showcasing…

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