b'Suds from SpudsHow Potatoes Become Beer and VodkaPotatoes are filled with starch which can then be converted to sugar and made into alcohol. Two experts on the business of fermentation tell us how and why they came to turn potatoes into good tipple. BY: MARC ZIENKIEWICZWWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=EA-SEGSSUJS EVER TRY A BEER made from potatoes? It might soundSookram, who founded the brewery in 2019 after brewing beer strange, but in 2021, Andrew Sookrams customers had theat home for 10 years.pleasure of doing so when the craft brewery he owns madeThe resulting beer was light-bodied and a pleasant surprise for something called Tony Starch Potato Pale Ale. customers who didnt think potato would make a good brew.Sookram is founder of Sookrams Brewing Co. in Winnipeg,A lot of people thought that it would impart a potato-like Man., which serves Winnipeggers modern craft beer at its family- flavour, like theyd be drinking mashed potatoes or something. It friendly taproom and brewery. He spoke during the Canadianwasnt that way at all.Spud Congress on March 22 as part of the Brewing and DistillingHe explains that potatoes are an adjunct; they simply supply with Spuds session. starch which is converted into sugar that yeast then ferment into Sookrams experience using potato in beer is an example ofalcohol. This adds alcohol content to a beer without affecting how versatile the tuber is. Theres very little potato beer on theflavour or body.market; Calgarys Establishment Brewing Co. make an American- Popular styles of beer like mass-produced pale lagers are style lager called This Spuds For You, and New Brunswicks Holydeliberately designed to be light in body and flavour, but in order Whale Brewing Co. produce a wheat beer with potatoes added.to achieve this and still ensure adequate alcohol content, brewers Sookram says what little potato beer there is out there provescant use as much barley, which adds body to beer. Enter what that theres a place for spuds in the world of brewing. are known as adjuncts, which add sugar but no flavour or body. We used about 10 pounds of potatoes in the recipe. It wasPopular adjuncts include corn and rice, but other materials can delicious and customers were extremely happy with it, saysbe used as well.36SPUDSMART.COM Spring 2022'