b'Coffin has worked as a potato specialist in both the public and private sectors. The release notes he runs his own private potato breeding program with his wife Joyce called Privar Farms Inc. They have released several potato varieties including the cultivar Prospect.Andre Gagnon with Progest/Quebec Parmentier served as CPPBNs president for the past two years.Newton Yorinori, who runs Cavendish Farms potato breeding program in Prince Edward Island, has been elected as vice-president of CPPBN, the release says.CPPBN is a network of private breeders representing seven potato breeding programs from across Canada who share expertise and genetic material amongst themselves and cooperate with many public institutions on an individual basis, the release says. CPPBN members have released numerous varieties that are grown in North America and are being evaluated in many other countries of the southern hemisphere as well as Asia. Canadian Horticultural Council Now Fruit and Vegetable Growers of CanadaThe Canadian Horticultural Council announced at their 100th annual general meeting that they would be rebranding as the Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada (FVGC), the organization says in a news release.The new name and logo were unveiled at the AGM with a video presentation, the release says.As we celebrate our centennial and look forward to the next 100 years, we thought this was the perfect occasion to update our name and logo to better identify who we represent and speak for, Jan VanderHout, FVGC president of FVGC, says in the release.The release notes FVGC is an Ottawa-based voluntary, not-for-profit, national association that represents fruit and vegetable growers across Canada involved in the production of over 120 different types of crops on over 14,237 farms, with farm cash receipts of over $5 billion annually.Since 1922, it has advocated on important issues that impact Canadas fruit and vegetable sector, while promoting healthy, safe, and sustainable food, and ensuring the continued success and growth of our industry, the release says.We consider this an opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to our members, as well as key stakeholders and decision makers in Ottawa, adds FVGCs Executive Director Rebecca Lee.While we have made some exciting changes, one thing that will not change is our tireless commitment to empowering growth and innovation within the fruit and vegetable sector.LIFEGARD YOUR CROPLow use rates that start to activate in the plant in just 3 hours.LifeGard is residue exempt & Zero PHI. SPUD Spring 2021226611SPUDSMARSMART.CTOM.COM Summer 20 WWW.UAP.CA'