b'FROM OUR DESKSpring 2022 - Vol. 19, No. 2Advancing the Canadian Potato IndustryWrapping Up the PUBLISHED BY:SEED WORLD GROUP Canadian Spud Congress 6327435 Canada Ltd.403-313 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3A 0M2Phone: 204-453-1965, Fax: 204-475-5247Email: [email protected], THE 2022 Canadian Spud Congress is now in our rear- seedworldgroup.comview mirrors and first off, I want to say thank you. Theres a lotPUBLISHERof people to thank starting with all of you for tuning in, askingShawn [email protected], hanging out in the Spud Shed, uploading potatoEDITORpictures and visiting the exhibition hall. We couldnt do theAshley [email protected] without you, those who attended make all the work weEDITORIAL DIRECTORdo to plan it worth it. Sonja [email protected] up, Id like to thank my colleagues. They all worked soMANAGING EDITORASHLEY ROBINSON,hard the past few months to plan the Congress. From planningMichelle [email protected] Smart editor and hosting sessions, social media, story writing, promotionalADVERTISING SALESmaterials, sponsorship sales, tech work to a million other things,Craig [email protected] they worked hard to bring you an amazing experience. Dean [email protected] are also the provincial and national potato associations,Sam [email protected] [email protected] support of the Congress is integral. At Spud Smart our goal with the Canadian Spud Congress has always been to bringCREATE CLIENT SERVICESAiden [email protected] potato growers from across the country and without the potato associations promoting the Congress and helping us lineMARKETINGTheresa Ramsoomair, Shelby Colbert up speakers, that wouldnt be possible. [email protected] that note, thank you to the presenters. You all worked soCREATIVEhard to plan out presentations and take time out of your busyCharlene McIvor, Lesley Nakonechny, Kyle Dratowany,schedules to sit on panel discussions. I was blown away by yourTheresa Ramsoomairknowledge and the conversations you were able to help start withCIRCULATIONour audience. Being willing to share what you know and answerDean [email protected] from those curious about that knowledge makes theCONTRIBUTORSCongress a worthy experience for those attending. Alex Martin, Ally Roden, Eugenia Banks, Kevin Elmy, Madeleine And of course, we could never have pulled off the showBaerg, Marcel Bruins and Marc Zienkiewiczwithout the generous support of our sponsors. Potato companiesEDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARDfrom across North America exuberantly supported the CongressChad Berry, Darin Gibson, Greg Donald, Peter VanderZaag, Rick from sponsoring sessions to buying booths and answering anyPeters, Scott Graham and Tracy Shinners-Carnelleyquestions attendees may have. This support was integral. SUBSCRIPTIONSSpud SmartThe two days of the Canadian Spud Congress were a blur for is published four times a year.To subscribe, please email [email protected]. I was thankful to finally share all we had worked so hard onCanadian subscription rate is: $45.00/year plus GST. and enjoy it and learn myself. Ive spent months talking with myInternational subscription rate is CDN$110.00/year.colleagues and planning the sessions, I was so excited to finallyPRINTED IN CANADAhear them. I knew this year we had something for everyone onPlease recycle where facilities exist.the farm, from marketing to agronomy to succession planningNo part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written to after-hours fun with drinks, I knew everyone who attendedpermission of the publisher. Spud Smartwould find something that interested them.makes no expressed or implied warranties of Its hard to believe its all over, and if youre looking to relivemechantability or fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, concerning the use of any product and assumes no liability for any those amazing moments thats what this issue of Spud Smart isinjury or damage, direct or consequential, incurred from the use of for. My colleagues and I have written stories on all the sessionssuch products or services therein. Federal, provincial and municipal from the Congress, and on each of those story pages we havelaws and regulations supersede the information contained within. included the session recording. So, if you missed one of thePublications Mail Agreement No. 40030841.sessions you wanted to see, fear not we have the recordings allReturn undeliverable Canadian addresses to:here in one easy to watch spot. Seed World Group403-313 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3A 0M2So please sit back and enjoy reliving all the best moments of the Canadian Spud Congress in the spring 2022 digital issue ofPRIVACY CODESpud Smart. To view our privacy policy, visit spudsmart.com. [email protected] Spring 2022'