b'Parkland Potatoes New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and FisheriesAC Eastern RussetAC Eastern Russet is an early market yellow with a medium dormancy slightly longer than Shepody, and is a good replacement variety for Yukon Gold. It has large oblong tubers with light-yellow flesh and russet skin. This fresh market variety AAC Crimson Tideis resistant to common scab, has moderate resistance to foliar AAC Crimson Tide is a red skin creamer variety with pale yellowlate blight, very low incidence of hollow heart and greening but flesh. The tubers are uniform round with shallow eyes andis moderately susceptible to growth crack. It has good boil and smooth skin. Its high set, skin finish, and resistance to commonbake scores with a relatively moist texture. Its licensed to the scab make it a good variety for the creamer market. Canadian Eastern Growers.Quebec ParmentierAllistonAlliston is a high yielding early maturing variety. Its skin is bright AAC Midnightwith extremely white flesh, and it has a uniform set and low AAC Midnight has purple skin and flesh. It has a good yield andincidence of misshaped tubers. Its mainly a fresh market variety produces consistent round tubers. The skin finish is smooth andbut can also be used for fresh cut french fries. It is oval to round resistant to common scab. Its purple flesh colour is maintainedin shape and has a short dormancy. AC Chaleur is one of its after cooking making it a good variety for cooking. parents and it can be managed similar to it in a field. Alliston is sensitive to fusarium and has little resistance to common scab. SPUDSMART.COM Spring 202253'