b'sensor can be dug up before or after harvest. It holds a chargeVayego, by Bayerthroughout the season and needs to be recharged annually, withCommercial Launch: May 2020a full charge taking 12 hours to complete. Vayego is a foliar insecticide for potatoes which provides control TOP-PHOS, by Timac Agro Canada against Colorado potato beetles, Commercial Launch: July 2019 European corn borer, potato flea TOP-PHOS from Timac Agrobeetles and suppression of aphids. Canada is a granular fertilizerIts a second-generation Group 28 applied at seeding, replacingdiamide, offering excellent knockdown and long lasting, residual commodity phosphates in acontrol.fertilizer blend.Vayego has a low risk to beneficial insects when used, Phosphate fertilizers haveaccording to the product label. Applications of it should start shown low efficiency forwhen treatment thresholds have been reached. It should be plants grown in acidic and calcareous soils due to precipitationapplied as a directed foliar spray to ensure thorough coverage.of water-insoluble iron, aluminum, magnesium or calcium phosphates. To solve this, TOP-PHOS uses naturally chelated phosphorus sources with high water solubility, but low binding potential in solutions.It inhibits the interaction of phosphate with other cations such as iron and aluminum in acidic soils and calcium in calcareous/alkaline soils. This makes it so TOP-PHOS has more phosphate available for plant uptake by not binding to the surface of mineral or organic particles in the soil.TOP-PHOS can keep a large portion of phosphorus in a soluble form under different soil water and potential hydrogen conditions. It has been designed to enhance the phosphate nutrition and yield of crops in any soil and environmental condition.The Vertical Adjustable Roll Sizer from Southern Fabrication Works. PHOTO: SOUTHERN FABRICATION WORKSVertical Adjustable Roll Sizer,by Southern Fabrication WorksCommercial Launch: March 2021The vertical adjustable roll sizer from Southern Fabrication Works is an evolution from the traditional tapered roll sizers. Its built to food safety standards with stainless-steel. The vertical adjustable roll sizer is designed and made for 24/7 work with industrial engineered components.Traditional whole potato sizers can be large with costly maintenance and roll sizer adjustments which take time. The vertical adjustable roll sizer can process larger volumes of potatoes, is smaller than other machines, requires less maintenance, can be adjusted on the fly and holds up to six pre-set profile settings controlled by the push of a button. 50SPUDSMART.COM Spring 2022'