b'and crop as much because it comes down so hard and fast the soil cant absorb it properly.If you think back to the trend we sawAnother Dry Growing Season Hits Parts of Canadalast year, this will be similar, he says.spudsmart.com/another-dry-growing-season-hits-parts-of-canada/Similar to last year, Kehler is predictingPart-Time Storm Chaser Shares Weather Insights with Growerseastern Canada will see a greater numberspudsmart.com/part-time-storm-chaser-shares-weather-insights-with-growers/of thunderstorms. These can bringCanada Harvests Record Potato Crop of 123.1 million hundredweightdamaging hail and wind and is somethingspudsmart.com/canada-harvests-record-potato-crop-of-123-1-million-hundredweight/to be aware of when planning this season.What to Expect for Planting SeasonAs growers dial-in planters and get ready for another season, its time to look to the skies to see what the spring season holds. I dont think those in Manitoba will havefor the potato industry.To start the spring, we will probablyan overly delayed start unless a lot of rainUnfortunately, were looking at another see a little bit more precipitation, evencomes at the end of April, he explains. hot, dry summer for western Canada, more than normal before it turns dry laterThe eastern part of the country isKehler says. The only good thing is weve in the summer, Kehler says. Plantingexpected to have a normal start to thehad a fair big of snow on the eastern conditions in Alberta, where the snow isseason. Overall, Kehler doesnt expect anyPrairies that will give us that decent start, all but melted, will favour an earlier start. major deviations from a typical plantingbut well need more moisture throughout Whereas in Manitoba, theres still aseason. the spring to keep things on the right significant amount of snow on the ground.For some, this year will be another intrack. I think the Maritimes are in the best This will cause issues of flooding as it meltsa line of especially challenging seasons.shape overall, so the outlook for potatoes and also cause fields to be wetter. However,However, the outlook isnt entirely bleakthere is very good. Maximizing Potato Yield Starts at PlantingWe can give you the harvest details with a yield monitorRiteDepth - Automatic Depth ControllerSonar Sensor Technology For More Uniform Planting DepthUniform seeding depth is important to achieve uniform emergence which will in turn help with timing and ecacy of spray & fertilizer applications.Sonar sensors improve uniformity while reducing the need for frequent adjustments.Sonar sensors are small, out of the way, allowing a clear view of the planter and cause no obstruction to stubble and trash from previous crops.As a leader in precision agriculture systems we o er unique solutions speci cally designed with the root and vegetable producer in mind.For more information visit greentronics.com or contact us at 519-669-4698SPUDSMART.COM Spring 202243'