b'HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=B-ZBMKFQZDI cultivars are also very important in thisSS: What are the best practices forinches of water about half of it four regard. using biofumigation as a diseaseto five inches is needed during the first prevenient? month to keep the bed moist.SS: What mustard types haveHA: For the best results, pH of the soil been used for biofumigation inshould be above 5.5. If the field has a pHSS: How does incorporation work?Manitoba? lower than 5.5, the biofumigation processHA: The final step in this process is soil HA: Mustard comes in many varieties butmight not be successful. For optimumincorporation. A few considerations not all varieties are equally as effectiveresults, the pH of soil should be as close asshould be taken into account when when it comes to biofumigation process.possible.incorporating the mustard crop into Some mustard varieties produce moreFurthering to the key to successfulthe soil. And mustard crops should be glucosinolate levels compared to others.biofumigation, fertilizer is also veryincorporated into the soil before it has In fact, some varieties have been bred forimportant to the production of biomassreached to the full bloom. the sole purpose of biofumigation.and sulfur is crucial for the productionIncorporation process should be done For example, Caliente Rojo is a varietyof glucosinolates. Nitrogen is appliedwhen the soil has a good level of moisture that is bred for biofumigation purpose.depending on the fields nutrient history,and do not incorporate mustard when the Caliente Rojo grows quickly and isand the rate of sulfur should be adjustedsoil is dry. Thats also a key to successful typically used in spring or late summerin relation to the chosen nitrogen rate, in abiocommunication purpose. and bred specifically for biofumigationsix to one ratio.Mustard must be incorporated as it contains very high levels ofManaging all these factors successfullyimmediately after mowing as 80 per cent glucosinolates.help in increasing the biomass productionof the fumigant gas will be released in the At the MCDC, the Manitoba Cropthat also increased glucosinolate levelsfirst 20 minutes after mowing. And after Diversification Centre, we have tested fourin the mustard crop. It wont be wrong toincorporation pH should be rolled and mustard varieties including Caliente Rojo,say that biomass and glucosinolates arepacked to trap the fumigant gas in the soil. AC Vulcan, Andante, AAC Brown 18. factors that are fundamental to the successFinally, once the incorporation process of biofumigation. is completed, leave the field undisturbed Irrigation is also another factor forfor at least 14 days to ensure that all plant best results, mustard needs eight to ninematerial can be broken down.SPUDSMART.COM Spring 202223'