b'In addition, the disease and phytosanitary concerns with true potato seed shipping is drastically lower than shipping tubers. Theres really only one transmittable pathogen carried by true potato seed, and thats potato spindle tuber viroid, Tai says. The seed diseases that we typically think of have to do with the tuber. And of course, if youre using true potato seed, youll avoid some of these tuber seed diseases.However, a cautionary note Tai has: if you go to true commercial production of true potato seeds, you can develop seedborne diseases. Some of these seedborne diseases in tomato, for exampleone of those pathogens can take an evolutionary pathHTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=ESYKIZMSADY towards potato, she says, adding that these arent entirely predictable things.For more stories on true potato seeds visit: In addition, scaling new productsWill True Potato Seed Affect Potato Growers?happens quickly.https://spudsmart.com/will-true-potato-seed-affect-potato-growers/We can go from one seed on theLooking Towards a Diploid Potato Future pre commercial level all the way to prehttps://spudsmart.com/looking-towards-a-diploid-potato-future/commercial launch volumes in 18 monthsthe traditional market can take years,Pushing to Boost Potato Production in Northern CanadaMiller says.https://spudsmart.com/pushing-to-boost-potato-production-in-northern-canada/When it comes to production, Miller doesnt think theres going to be a complete overhaul away from tubers.potato seeds, Miller believes youll starta much earlier generation seed tuber.Of course, changing from tubers toseeing introduction of new genetics:By giving the farmers an earlier these small seeds will have an impactmaybe late blight resistant varieties orgeneration tuber, in theory, theyre goingmeaning different types of machines,varieties specifically for starch. Theseto have much more genetic potential, cultivation, you name it, he says. Thespecialized seed tuber growers will plantMiller says. Ten years ago, a lot of reality is in the short term, were going totrue potato seedlings onto their farm, takecabbages were transplanted around see very specific growers change with thethose to maturity and harvest G1 tubers.the world, and today, most of them are advent of true potato seeds. Those tubers will be sent into the normaldirectly sown. Its not something we Meaning, at the start of trueproduction system potatoes will havehavent seen before, and when growers today. The advantage? Giving growerssee the benefit, theyre quick to notice.In the end: will true potato seed have a bright future?I do think theres a very vibrant future, Tai says. There is potential for innovation for the potato industry through diploid breeding and true potato seed.For the U.S. and Canada, theres also opportunities to look at the genetic improvement and cultivation in remote areas. Really, I think it means diversity in the potato industry, which will give growers a lot of options. SPUDSMART.COM Spring 202227'