b'New Varieties Bonanza A look at newest potato varieties available for Canadian potato growers.BY: ASHLEY ROBINSONAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaAAC Arctic AAC MoccasinAAC Blaze AAC Red RoverAAC Arctic produces large,AAC Moccasin is a light russetAAC Blaze is a fresh marketAAC Red Rover is a round, round potatoes with smoothvariety with oblong tubersvariety with a very high setfresh market variety with red white skin and cream flesh.and white flesh. This highthats licensed to Kroekerskin and white flesh thats This variety has moderateyielding variety has moderateFarms in Manitoba. It produceslicensed to Kroeker Farms. resistance to scab and carriesresistance to Verticillium albo- potatoes with a uniform small,It boasts good yields, low two copies of a markeratrum as well as good frenchround shape with smoothincidence of hollow heart and associated with resistance tofry, boil, and bake scores. Thered skin and white flesh. Thismoderate to high resistance to golden nematode. This freshtuber is licenced to Qubecvariety matures early andcommon scab.market variety has good yieldsParmentier for dual purposeexhibits a moderate to high and is licensed to Kroekerfrench fry variety. resistance to common scab.Farms.52SPUDSMART.COM Spring 2022'