b'ROUNDTABLE Exterminating Verticillium wilt from Potato FieldsA team of researchers in Manitoba have found success using mustard biofumigation to rid fields of Verticillium wilt. BY: ASHLEY ROBINSONHAIDER ABBAS Editors note: This interview has beenscab and range of nematodes. The use applied researchedited for length and clarity. of mustard as a bioumigant has also specialist at the Manitoba Cropshown a decrease in damage caused by Diversification Centre Spud Smart (SS): What iswireworms.biofumigation?Haider Abbas (HA): Biofumigation isSS: How does mustard work as a ZACK FREDERICK the suppression of soilborne pests andbiofumigant?diseases through the use of plants thatHA: When using mustard or any other applied potato produce inhibitory chemicals. In mostcrop as a biofumigant, it is important to research agronomistfor MHPEC Inc cases, these biochemical plants areknow the targeted pest and its lifecycle. chopped and incorporated into the soil soThe biofumigant crops should be they can release their inhibitory chemical.incorporated when the pest is present in Mustard is a well understood biofumigant.the upper soil profile, that will be about Mustard and most other plants from the15 to 20 centimetres. Seeding dates should brassica family produce chemicals calledbe planned accordingly in order for the glucosinolates. When glucosinolatescrop to have the maximum biomass at the come in contact with water andtime of incorporation.enzymes contained in plant cells, theySeeding rates should be based on the are transformed into another group ofpest you are targetinga mustard should compounds called isothiocyanate. And itbe seeded about 60 days before the pest is these isothiocyanates that give mustardwill be present in the field. So, you should its biofumigation power. Theoretically,really know your field as much mustard with the increase in biomass productionshould be incorporated into the soil glucosinolate levels, levels are alsobefore seed production begins in mustard. increased in a biofumigant crop.Seeding rates should be planned Speaking about the control of soilborneaccordingly in order for the crop to have pests through the biofumigationreached maximum biomass at the time process, mustard has been shown toof incorporation. And depending on the control a variety of soilborne pests.variety and growing conditions, it takes These include verticillium rhizoctonia,about 60 to 70 days to attain maximum fusarium, pythium, sclerotinia, commonbiomass production there. Mustard ROUNDTABLE SUPPORTED BY:22SPUDSMART.COM Spring 2022'