b"INDUSTRY NEWS BUSINESS NEWS at painting stable pricing in the domestic market, the release Qubec Parmentier Buys Seed Potato Producer notes. However, growers found the quotas have restricted them Qubec Parmentier has bought Ferme G. G. & A. Montminy, afrom growing and selling their table potatoes and root crops to seed potato producer in the Pribonka region of Quebec, a newsManitoba consumers who want to purchase them.release says. Bill 12, the Peak of the Market reorganization act, will remove Today's announcement marks a turning point in the history ofred tape for table potato and root crop growers across Manitoba, Qubec Parmentier. This transaction makes it possible, throughthe release says. Itll also allow Peak of the Market to make a our subsidiary SEQ Marketing, to meet the growing demand oftransition from a regulated agency to an independent operation our customers in terms of volume, quality and varieties of seedunder the Corporations Act, with opportunities to expand by potatoesthereby strengthening our position as a leader inacquiring assets or other entities.the seed potato industry in Canada, Pierre Chouinard, QubecThis is an important development for Manitobas vegetable Parmentier CEO, says in the release. growers by contributing to the modernization of the industry. Ferme G. G. & A. Montminy is located in a protectedIt will provide significant economic benefit to our community, cultivation zone which gives it an advantage for seed potatoPeter Loewen, chair of Peak of the Market, says in the release.quality, the release notes. Peak of the Market in its current form was established in the Considering that the seed potato industry is constantlyearly 1970s by the Manitoba Vegetable Producers Marketing Plan changing, this acquisition allows us to continue to serve ourregulation.customers and meet their needs, Kevin Rivard, president of Qubec Parmentier, says in the release.McCain Abandons Construction of Russian Production FacilityNew Sweet Potato Variety Luminance Launching in 2023 Due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, McCain Foods New Canadian sweet potato Luminance will be launchinghas decided to discontinue the construction work on a new commercially in the spring of 2023, a news release from Vinelandproduction facility in Russia, the company says in a news release Research and Innovation Centre says. on March 10.Luminance has purple skin and yellow flesh. It requires 120Following the initial invasion of Ukraine by Russia, McCain days to harvest with total marketable yields exceeding the closesthad stopped construction at its Russian production facility in competitor Murasaki by seven times in production trials atthe Tula Oblast region on Feb. 24. With the continued invasion, Vineland, the release notes. McCain made the decision to discontinue the project entirely Tissue culture plantlets will be available to slip producers inand has suspended all shipments of its products into the Russian the fall of 2022, with a targeted commercial launch of springmarket.2023. McCain has also donated $200,000 to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal, the release says.We are always guided in these decisions by the ethics and perspective of being a family-owned business from New Manitoba Loosens Fresh Potato Sale Regulations Brunswick, Canada. As the global market leader in prepared Manitoba is introducing legislation which will reduce provincialfrench fries and specialty potato products, McCain Foods takes regulations around fresh potato sales, a news release from theour leadership role seriously across the 160 countries that we province says. operate in, the release says.The legislation will help expand the provincial table potato and root crop industry. The release notes it was introduced in response to concerns from growers and Peak of the Market.This legislation would allow producers to grow as many tableINDUSTRY NEWSpotatoes and root crops as they wish and to sell to any buyer,New President Elected for Canadian Private Potato while paving the way for a modernized business model forBreeders NetworkPeak of the Market, Derek Johnson, the province's agricultureThe Canadian Private Potato Breeders Network (CPPBN) has minister, says in the release. elected Robert Coffin as its new president for a two-year term at Provincial regulations and production quotas were aimedits annual general meeting on Jan. 26, a news release says.LIFEGARDThe FIRST Biological Plant ActivatorLifeGard activates the Natural Defences in Your Crop. Todays science, harnessing mother natures power.60SPUDSMARSummer 20 WWW.UAP.CA60SPUDSMARTTCCOMOMSpring 202221"