b'3 and 4 Row Electric HarvestersALLAN EQUIPMENT CROP CART, SPEED UP PLANTING AND HARVEST.Use with multiple crops, grain, vegetables, or sugar beetsWINDROWER FEATURES: 3 AND 4 ROW ELECTRIC HARVESTER FEATURES: Individual row pick-up or full shear2 stage primary belt innovation increases separationHolds a full tractor trailer and unloads fast Clear visibilitySmall turning radius and self centering steer wheels Friction drive secondary beds to reduce drop heights3 independent vibrators Rear steering axle with optional height adjustmentTouch screen controls for ease of use and realtime adjustmentAvailable with or without cleaning table Available in 2, 4 or 6 row optionsLess moving parts to maintain than a conventionally powered harvester Float option/Auto depth controlSelf contained generator is easily removed for other uses such asSplit discharge and dual discharge available irrigation and winter power failures Full width cleaning table after secondary option60 sack holding tank option Many different Cleaning table optionsWindrowerSimple, Efficient, ReliableDesign and manufacture of all types of handling, harvesting and planting equipmentallanequipment.com (902) [email protected]'