b'Rite Weight, by GreentronicsCommercial Launch: 2020Before potato seed hits the field, it needs a seed treatment, but setting the application rate to evenly coat potato seed isnt easy. This is where Rite Weight from Greentronics comes into play.By installing the Rite Weight scale on the conveyor ahead of the treater, it can output a signal proportional to the flow rate over the scale. With this connected, the pump will apply chemical according to the flow rate measured by the scale. It offers greater uniformity in chemical application and reduced waste/cost.The scale can also be used during the fall to apply storage chemicals. It can help with inventory tracking, field and variety totals recording, and mapping of storages. The LDN Wide Spray Bubbler from Senninger Irrigation. PHOTO: SENNINGER IRRIGATIONLDN Wide Spray Bubbler, by Senninger IrrigationCommercial Launch: August 2021The LDN Wide Spray Bubbler is a low energy precision application (LEPA) nozzle for mechanical move irrigation systems. It has the low-pressure water-saving efficiencies of a LEPA application but still provides total coverage.It produces a wide gentle aerated pattern suitable for most crops and soils. Growers can also change from a LEPA to LESA spray pattern by twisting and flipping the deflector assembly.Rite Weight from Greentronics in action weighing potatoes. PHOTO: GREENTRONICSSoiltech sensorCommercial Launch: 2020The Soiltech sensor is a soil moisture sensor. Its a yellow device thats buried under the soil at the start of the growing season with the logo facing towards the sky. It has a moisture, temperature, humidity, GPS and bruising sensors on itthe sensors are located in the silver bands Spudnik Equipments 8312 potato planter.surrounding the device. PHOTO: JOSH PARKINSON, JOSHUA JAMES PHOTOGRAPHY. Throughout the growing 8312 potato planter, by Spudnik Equipment season, the Soiltech sensor A Soiltech Wireless sensorCommercial Launch: 2019 sends data back to a phoneis placed in a hole dug in aSpudniks 8312 12-row potato planter can fold up to the width ofapplication over a low powerpotato field. PHOTO: CB CREATIVE FORa six-row, enabling it to be moved from field to field easier. cellular data called LTESOILTECH WIRELESSThe six-row base has two three-row wings on either sideCat-M1 and NB-IoTwhich that can swing up when required. This allows it to more easilycan operate at significant distances from cellphone towers. By traverse roads and bridges and conform to size restrictions whilebeing able to send information to a phone application, it saves travelling from field to field. growers from having to drive and check fields individually.The 8312 makes it easier job to navigate around power polesAt the end of the season, the device is harvested with the and irrigation equipment. It also cuts down on the amount ofrest of the potato crop and goes into storage to monitor it until equipmentor peoplethats required to plant potatoes. shipped. If its planted in a non-potato field, the Soiltech SPUDSMART.COM Spring 202249'