b'Theres some fascinating history behind using potatoes in beer. During the Second World War, breweries couldnt access asVODKAS UKRAINIAN HERITAGE:much barley because a lot of it was being used to feed cattle. So,A (DEBATABLE) ORIGIN STORYthey used rice or corn as an adjunct in their beer to make up for the lack of barley, Sookram says.While Poland and Russia are often each credited for When those werent available, they used potatoes. Potatoesinventing vodka (a debate that rages among vodka are just another food product we can extract sugar from in orderenthusiasts to this day), it also may have originated in to make alcohol. what is now Ukraine. When vodka was first distilled in Europe in the Middle Ages, Ukraine was the continentsAlberta in a Bottle biggest producer of cereal grains. Its likely that vodka Potatoes contain starch, and starch can be converted to sugar andwas first distilled there before making its way fermented into alcohol. Run the resulting mixture through a stillto Poland and Russia. Potato vodka wasnt and you get potato vodkaa clear, odourless and colourlesscommercialized until the 18th century.spirit that can be drank straight or in an infinite number of cocktails.Like potato beer, theres very little potato vodka on the world market. According to statistics, only around three per cent of vodka sold globally is made from potatoes, and only a small handful of vodkas made in Canada are of the potato variety. Among them is Rig Hand Potato Vodka made in Nisku, Alta., by Rig Hand Distillery. Owner and distiller Geoff Stewart spoke during the 2022 Canadian Spud Congress about his experiences making the companys signature potato vodka.According to Stewart, potatoes give Rig Hands potato vodka a sweeter, creamier taste than traditional grain-based vodka, making it a wonderful sipping spirit. By definition, vodka is supposed to be odourless and flavourless, but with the advent of so many craft distilleries, everybodys doing their own little twist on things. Potato vodka does have a definite flavour to it, Stewart explains. When it comes off the still, Rig Hands potato vodka is around 96 per cent alcohol by volume. At that stage, he says it tastes a bit like orange creamsicle and has a very distinct orange-like flavour to it. Once its carbon filtered and diluted to 40 per cent alcohol, what distinguishes it is the creaminess of the mouthfeel on the tongue. Its almost like coating your tongue in cream. Very distinctive, for sure.Rig Hand Potato Vodka is made from small red Blushing Belle potatoes, originating from one of the oldest breeding farms in Europe and distributed by The Little Potato Company based in Edmonton, Alta. Some are grown by Albertas Corey Jesperson, president of CK Jesperson Farms based in Spruce Grove, Alta.We tried originally to use some russet potatoes because we knew the starch content was higher. Full-sized potatoes are harder for us to use than the smaller potatoes that have a thinner skin, actually. Were finding that were having similar starch yields with the Blushing Belles than what we did with theTheperfect addition to your russets. We tried Yukon Gold potatoes, and weve even tried\x1f eet. All aluminum trailer inserts some sweet potatoes, Stewart says.will transform your dry vans into Sweet potatoes must have a sulfur component in themself-unloading bulk trailers. Built because they didnt make good vodka. If you can make find thelightweight without troughs for right potato variety and make a nice potato vodka, what youmaximum product capacity.have is a great, smooth vodka that people will enjoy. Call today to see how we can help you maximize your Rig Hand Distillery is the first craft distillery in Niksu. Itsproduct payload and reduce your transportation cost.products are packaged in a trademarked bottle that is a replica of the Leduc #1 drilling rig.SPUDSMART.COM Spring 202237'