b'The Benefits of Minimum Tillage potato grower arrives at a point where they feel confident about the minimum tillage approach. And not to forget the investment thats needed to make the change. And this is where the field days come inwhere other potato growers can visit minimum tillage potato farms. They get to see with their own eyes how its done and can ask questions. Farmers ask how best to do the fall ridging, and how to plantChad Berry, partner in the potatoes in spring, with all the plant debris on and in theUnder the Hill Farmssoil, explains Harold Perry, potato grower from the Chin, Alta. area.At the moment theres only a small percentage of the Canadian potato growers that are applying minimum tillage in their potatoDont be afraid to try. You will production, whereas a large majority of those farmers alreadymake mistakes and you are use cover cropping on their farms, which is a good start towards minimum tillage. Most of the cover crops being grown aregoing to mess up. Start small cereals, with very few in the pulse crop family. An increasingand keep trying and keep trend is the use of multi-species cover crops, which has really taken off in the past two to three years.pushing. It will pay off. We are sowing winter wheat together with red clover, and thisCHAD BERRYadds a good amount of biomass, but also an extra 50 to 70 units of nitrogen to the soil, which is then available for the next crop, adds Vander Zaag.SPUDSMART.COM Spring 202211'