b'HERES SOMETHING FOR WIRE-WORMS TO CHEW ON.The new potato insecticide that eliminates wireworms.This is bound to make wireworms take pause. Permanently. New Cimegra insecticide eliminates wireworms, which in turn reduces resident populations in season. Using a new, unique mode of action with lasting residual activity, it delivers great results fast. In fact, wireworms dont even have to ingest Cimegrait works on contact. So why let these troublesome little pests take a huge bite of your potato profits? Go to agsolutions.ca/Cimegra to learn more.Always read and follow label directions.AgSolutions and CIMEGRA are registered trade-marks of BASF, used under license by BASF Canada Inc.2022 BASF Canada Inc. Client: BASF Publication: Spud SmartFile Name: CIMEGRA_2022_Print_SS_v1 Page Position: P4CB CMYK BW Ken Desiree V1Project Name: Cimegra Ads Live Area: 7.125 x 9.875 ART DIR STUDIO ARTDocket Number: 2987.2 Trim size: 8 x 10.875 . Ines 12/24/21AD#:Bleed: 8.25 x 11.125 PMS PMS COPYWRITER ACCT MGR PROOF #'