b"Its Alberta in a bottle, Stewart says. And after winning a slew of awards for its premium vodka, coffee liqueur and sugar beet rum, the business is growing. Rig Hand is building a new facility set to open in November, three miles directly east of the Edmonton airport which will consolidate its four warehouses into one. It has a sister distillery in Seguin, Texas, called CY Distillery. Its third locationFirst Light Distillerywas just completed Fredericton, N.B., and is operated by Stewarts uncle and cousin. For its Maritime operations, the company patented a bottle that looks like the famous lighthouse at Peggys Cove in Nova Scotia. The companys potato vodka isnt just a western thing, either. First Light plans to work with McCain Foods in New Brunswick to source potatoes to make a true eastern Canadian potato vodka.Geoff Stewart, head distiller at Rig Hand Craft Distillery in Nisku, Alta.We were a little company that started with just me and [manager/distiller Mike Beile], seven years ago, and now were up to 34 staff and three other locations. So, I haven't slept in seven years, Stewart says with a laugh. Distilling is a passion, and so is making great vodka from potatoes.For more information on potato liquor check out these stories:This Spuds for YouA Potato Brewed Beerspudsmart.com/this-spuds-for-you-a-potato-brewed-beer/Creating the Worlds Best Vodkaspudsmart.com/creating-the-worlds-best-vodka/Andrew Sookram, founder of Sookrams Brewing Co. in Winnipeg, Man. Fresh BoxWith the Fresh Box you can - evenat high ambient temperatures -refresh the air in your storage to thecorrect CO 2value, with minimalcooling or ventilation. The result: aconstant storage temperature witha controlled CO 2level and thereforebetter frying color quality.38SPUDSMART.COM Spring 2022"