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New Brunswick family of potato farmers launch vodka made from spuds

A family of New Brunswick potato farmers are getting into the booze business by making vodka from spuds.

Blue Roof Distillers has joined a small handful of distillers in the country making the product.

“We are pretty excited to roll it out and we hope it does well” said Devon Strang, 25, who wanted to find a way to profit from the potatoes they grow that are too small to sell in the grocery stores.

The Strang family has been farming in the community of Malden, N.B. since 1855.  For decades, the blue roofs on their barns have symbolized potatoes. But now they also represent their new line of ultra-premium Blue Roof vodka.

Potato vodka has been around since the days of the backyard still, but this is a first for New Brunswick.

Read more and watch the video at Global News.

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