Spud Smart’s 10 Most Innovative Products — Soiltech Wireless sensor


In this video interview with Soiltech Wireless’ Ehsan Soltan, Spud Smart editor Ashley Robinson talks with him about the Soiltech Wireless sensor, which was named one of Spud Smart’s 10 most innovative products.

The Soiltech Wireless sensor is a soil moisture sensor. It’s a yellow device that’s buried under the soil at the start of the growing season with the logo facing towards the sky. It has a moisture, temperature, humidity, GPS and bruising sensors on it — the sensors are located in the silver bands surrounding the device.

Throughout the growing season, the Soiltech sensor sends data back to a phone application over a low power cellular data called LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT — which can operate at significant distances from cellphone towers. By being able to send information to a phone application, it saves growers from having to drive and check fields individually.

At the end of the season, the device is harvested with the rest of the potato crop and goes into storage to monitor it until shipped. If it’s “planted” in a non-potato field, the Soiltech sensor can be dug up before or after harvest. It holds a charge throughout the season and needs to be recharged annually, with a full charge taking 12 hours to complete.

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