What products are leading the potato industry into the next era?

With pushes for sustainable agriculture, a changing climate and advancing technology, the potato industry is facing these challenges head on. To address these challenges, the potato industry needs innovations that advance the industry.

To take a closer look at what the Canadian potato industry is doing, Spud Smart named the 10 most innovative products of 2022. This is the inaugural contest and will be hosted annually.

Our team received a number of incredible applications from across the potato industry, from processing to field. Choosing the 10 products was a challenge and those selected were named based on a combination of the following:

  • It must have been launched in Canada after Jan. 1, 2019
  • It must be related to potatoes in some way (it could be in food processing, as long as potatoes were a target crop)
  • Its overall impact on the industry
  • The potential for scalability
  • Widespread use in the potato industry

This led us to 10 products. We’ve listed our Top 10 Innovations on the next pages by category.

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