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Protecting Your Investment

While some outside the industry may consider a potato grower’s work to be done after harvest, producers know that’s only the first half of the job. Properly storing potatoes and understanding the various storage requirements for tablestock and processing potatoes and the varieties within those sectors is paramount for success, and also for maintaining a competitive edge in securing customers and meeting contract obligations. Robert Coffin, the noted Canadian potato researcher and…

Tools for Success

To protect their investment, it’s important for growers to keep on top of the latest innovations in ventilation, humidification and spout control when storing their potato crops. Spud Smart talked to some industry experts about new equipment, products and technologies aimed at ensuring storage success. Remote Control Ashley Gorman, vice-president of sales at P.E.I.-based Gorman Controls, believes the most important new technologies to hit the scene in recent years have been those…

Storage Innovation: A Case Study in Success

Maximizing efficiency and longevity are the driving forces behind a new potato storage facility that is being built at Gerrit Visser and Sons potato farm at Orwell Cove, P.E.I. “We are building a storage that is intended for long-term use,” says Randy Visser. “We are trying to maximize everything and make everything as efficient as possible. It’s the reality of the industry that there is much more concern with the quality and…

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