Pulsemaster Expands Presence with First North American Hire


Dutch-German company Pulsemaster has expanded into North America hiring Ben Lemieux as their key account manager for the Americas, a Jan. 10 press release said.

Pulsemaster specializes in Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) — an innovative technology that is also known as electroporation. In 2022, Pulsemaster introduced a new PEF-system that processes large peeled and un-peeled potatoes, the release noted.

“The technology is intended for use on high-capacity lines for french fry processors in the Pacific North West region and for sweet potatoes applications. Specially designed for big, raw material applications, the system also features a Clean In Place CIP of the PEF treatment tank unit in order to facilitate sanitation efforts,” the release said.

Lemieux will be based in New Brunswick. He has 28 years of food processing experience having worked in the french fry and appetizer/snack industry, the release said. Pulsemaster aims to utilize Lemieux’s expertise to expand their position in PEF food applications in the Americas. His focus will be to support current customers by optimizing their systems and working with new customers.

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