NewsProductPotato Storage Product Decco DMN Aerosol Approved for Use

Potato Storage Product Decco DMN Aerosol Approved for Use


The potato storage product Decco DMN Aerosol has been approved for use in Canada by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency, a Sept. 8 new release said.

Decco DMN Aerosol has the active ingredient 1,4-Dimethylnaphthalene in it. It lessens sprouting and disease issues while also enhancing flesh strength, colour, and reducing bruising or soft spots while in storage, the release said.

“Our Decco potato storage products are known for protecting your potato investment from harvest to the processing plant,” Shawn Kennedy, North America potato manager for Decco, said in the release. “Now with Decco DMN Aerosol available in Canada, Decco can offer a robust program in conjunction with CIPC to help protect potatoes in storage.”

The release noted Decco received registration for Decco DMN Aerosol for use in the United States. Decco is the post-harvest affiliate of UPL Limited in Canada.

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