New Bayer Fungicides Receive Canadian Registration


Emesto Complete fungicide and insecticide seed-piece treatment and Velum Rise fungicide/nematicide have received registration in Canada, a Sept. 19 news release from Bayer Crop Science said.

Emesto Complete fungicide and insecticide seed-piece treatment is a co-pack that includes Group 4 insecticide clothianidin and the strengths of Emesto Silver fungicide with Group 3 prothioconazole and Group 7 penflufen for broad-spectrum protection, the release said. The improved clothianidin formulation provides control of aphids, Colorado potato beetles, potato flea beetle, and potato leafhopper. It also protects against fusarium tuber rot, including current resistant strains, and seed-borne rhizoctonia such as black scurf, stem, and stolon canker.

“As an all-in-one seed-piece treatment, Emesto Complete offers protection in one convenient package so you can feel confident in your potato crop from the beginning,” Meghann Garlough, campaign marketing manager for fruit and vegetables at Bayer, said in the release. “Not only is it simple to apply, Emesto Complete is also efficient with a low dose rate and low water volumes.”

Velum Rise is a broad-spectrum fungicide/nematicide for in-furrow application in potatoes that combines the Group 7 active ingredients fluopyram and penflufen, the release said. It builds on Velum Prime, while broadening the disease spectrum. Velum Rise provides control of soil-borne black scurf, stem, and stolon canker caused by Rhizoctonia solani, as well as providing suppression of early blight, black dot, and plant pathogenic nematodes.

“Canadian potato growers now have two additional tools in their field management system,” Garlough said. “Velum Rise is compatible with other in-furrow products such as Minuet biological fungicide and with Emesto Silver or Emesto Complete seed-piece treatment.”

Emesto Complete and Velum Rise will be available for the 2024 growing season.

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