NewsBusinessMcCain Receives Federal Funds for Farm of the Future

McCain Receives Federal Funds for Farm of the Future


McCain Foods is receiving $477,550 to pilot clean technologies and regenerative farming practices on their New Brunswick Farm of the Future, an April 22 news release from the federal government says.

The funding comes from a $6.4 million funding announcement for six projects across Canada as part of the AgriScience Program, which is meant to help tackle climate change and create sustainability in Canada’s agriculture sector.

McCain’s funding for the Farm of the Future in Florenceville-Bristol, N.B. will see the potato processing company assess clean technologies and regenerative farming practices for their potential to reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture. They will also assess for how the practices promote soil health, biodiversity, crop yield and farm revenue, the release notes.

“The project will contribute to the understanding of practices that can help growers mitigate the impact of climate change,” the release says.

The Farm of the Future is a full-size, 500-plus-acre commercial-scale operational farm. McCain is collaborating with academics, technology innovators, public officials and McCain growers to experiment different agricultural methods and technologies in order to find more sustainable ways to grow potatoes.

The New Brunswick Farm is serving as a testing ground for the company’s regenerative agriculture push. McCain recently announced that by 2030 all of its potato products will come from spuds grown by regenerative ag practices. This is McCain’s first Farm of the Future, two more will be built in different growing regions by 2025.

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