Justin Miller

Director of Technical Sales, Crystal Green (Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.)

Justin Miller has 20 years of experience in the potato market. Mr. Miller’s strong agronomic and technical expertise has helped him to deliver value to growers, retailers, and distributors in various roles at R.D Offutt Company, Black Gold Farms, and Winfield Solutions. Justin received his Bachelor of Science in Plant Protection from North Dakota State University and was recognized with two Potato Top Supplier awards during 2002-2007. He resides in Bismarck, North Dakota.

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Precision Farming

Bill Menkveld

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Greentronics


Seed & Potato Varieties

Kirby Sawatzky

Director, Parkland Seed Potatoes


Seed & Potato Varieties

Paul Sawatzky

Business Development Manager, Parkland Seed Potatoes