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Keeping Soil Where It Belongs

Ongoing research being conducted in New Brunswick promises to give potato farmers valuable insight into the effectiveness of the best management practices in use to combat soil erosion. The study, being carried out near Fredericton, N.B., by staff at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Potato Research Centre, is examining how the movement of water off farm fields in New Brunswick’s Black Brook watershed produces channels and gullies, accelerating soil erosion and nutrient losses…

Next-Generation Sequencing

Soil is sometimes referred to as the last frontier because so little is known about the microscopic life that teems within it. What we do know is that a small handful of dirt typically contains thousands of tiny microorganisms, many of them still unidentified by science. Because the crops we grow and food we eat depend so heavily on the health of the soil, scientists around the world are working hard to…

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