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Veltyma Fungicide Registered for Use in Canada for 2022


The following piece is from our sister publication, Alberta Seed Guide.

Canadian farmers will be able to use BASF’s Veltyma Fungicide on their corn, wheat and potato crops for the 2022 growing season, BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions says in a Sept. 14 news release. BASF has received Canadian registration for the fungicide.

The fungicide includes the new active ingredient Revysol and provides broad spectrum control against key leaf diseases on multiple crops including corn, wheat and potatoes, including Group 3 resistant biotypes, the releae notes. Revysol is the first and only Isopropanol-Azole, a unique chemistry discovered and developed by BASF, which provides broader, stronger, and longer control against various diseases on multiple crops.

“Veltyma provides growers with the best of both worlds: multiple modes of systemic residual activity while delivering proven plant health benefits, including increased growth efficiency and greater yield potential. With the launch of Veltyma, we are setting a new standard of disease control,” Trevor Latta, brand manager for corn, soybean and horticulture, BASF Canada, says in the release.

Veltyma is registered for use multiple crops including corn, potatoes, wheat and soybeans, the release notes. It provides broad spectrum control against key leaf diseases in corn, including northern corn leaf blight, tar spot, common rust, eyespot and gray leaf spot, along with protection against key foliar diseases in potatoes, such as early blight, black dot and brown spot. In wheat, it provides control against septoria leaf blotch, leaf rust, stripe rust and tan spot.

Veltyma contains the active ingredients Pyraclostrobin (Group 11) and Mefentrifluconazole (Group 3) – also known as Revysol. Revysol’s unique molecular structure binds target enzymes more powerfully than other Group 3 products on the market, providing best-in-class performance on a broad spectrum of diseases, including some disease strains that have become resistant to other Group 3 fungicides, the release says. It also contains Pyraclostrobin, which provides proven plant health benefits for increased growth efficiency, better management of minor stress, and greater yield potential.

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