AgronomyCrop InputsBASF's Fungicide Serifel Expanded for Potato Use

BASF’s Fungicide Serifel Expanded for Potato Use


BASF has received approval from Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency to expand the label for the fungicide Serifel to include numerous fruiting, leafy, root and cucurbit vegetables such as potatoes, the company says in a news release on Jan. 20.

Serifel is an innovative fungicide provides multiple modes of action, the release notes. It’s a fungicide and a biological and can be used for organic production. It was previously registered for use in targeting powdery mildew and botrytis in grapes.

“Serifel’s strong performance and low use rate will make Serifel fungicide an excellent addition to growers’ current disease management programs,” Anne McRae, technical services specialist, horticulture for BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, says in the release.

Serifel can used in tank mixes or as a rotation partner with products like Kumulus, Sercadis or Vivando, the release notes. It offers alternate modes of action for resistance disease management right up to harvest.