Spud Smart’s 10 Most Innovative Products — Vertical Adjustable Roll Sizer


In this video interview with Southern Fabrication Works’ Neil Justison, Spud Smart editor Ashley Robinson talks with him about the vertical adjustable roll sizer, which was named one of Spud Smart’s 10 most innovative products.

The vertical adjustable roll sizer from Southern Fabrication Works is an evolution from the traditional tapered roll sizers. It’s built to food safety standards with stainless-steel. The vertical adjustable roll sizer is designed and made for 24/7 work with industrial engineered components.

Traditional whole potato sizers can be large with costly maintenance and roll sizer adjustments which take time. The vertical adjustable roll sizer can process larger volumes of potatoes, is smaller than other machines, requires less maintenance, can be adjusted on the fly and holds up to six pre-set profile settings controlled by the push of a button.

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Ashley Robinson was raised on a mixed cattle and grain farm in southwestern Manitoba. She attended the University of Regina where she studied journalism. Following university, she has spent the better part of the past decade writing about agriculture in publications across Canada and internationally. Robinson’s agriculture writing has covered topics from rural issues to commodity markets. Since joining Seed World Group her work has focused on covering all aspects of the Canadian potato industry from planting to farm management, and agriculture in Alberta focusing on how the seed industry connects to farmer’s daily lives.