Spud Smart’s 10 Most Innovative Products — TOP-PHOS


In this video interview with Timac Agro Canada’s Christopher Pertschy, Spud Smart editor Ashley Robinson talks with him about TOP-PHOS, which was named one of Spud Smart’s 10 most innovative products.

TOP-PHOS from Timac Agro Canada is a granular fertilizer applied at seeding, replacing commodity phosphates in a fertilizer blend.

Phosphate fertilizers have shown low efficiency for plants grown in acidic and calcareous soils due to precipitation of water-insoluble iron, aluminum, magnesium or calcium phosphates. To solve this, TOP-PHOS uses naturally chelated phosphorus sources with high water solubility, but low binding potential in solutions.

It inhibits the interaction of phosphate with other cations such as iron and aluminum in acidic soils and calcium in calcareous/alkaline soils. This makes it so TOP-PHOS has more phosphate available for plant uptake by not binding to the surface of mineral or organic particles in the soil.

TOP-PHOS can keep a large portion of phosphorus in a soluble form under different soil water and potential hydrogen conditions. It has been designed to enhance the phosphate nutrition and yield of crops in any soil and environmental condition.

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