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WHATS IN THE GROUND FOR 2011?A look at Statistics Canada’s Acreage Estimates For the first time since 2004, the estimate of area planted to potatoes has increased, according to Statistics Canada’s report Canadian Potato Production released in July. This year’s estimated planted area is 362,300 acres, up 2 per cent over 2010. The largest increase is in Alberta, which is up 10 per cent at 55,500 acres, followed by Manitoba, with a…



Grower Spotlight Haskett Growers: Grooming Future Farmers Photo: Potatoes are washed and packaged at Heartland Fresh Pak plant, located south of Winkler, Man. Haskett Growers is in the business of growing potatoes, but the family operation also grows future farmers. Over the years, Larry Thiessen and his brothers, Harold and Marvin, have been grooming the next generation to take over the farm, located near the community of Haskett, south of Winkler, Man….


summer 2011 Market News

Canadian acreage is up slightly, while estimates point to a major increase in U.S. acreage. June 1st potato stocks increased one per cent over 2010 in Canada. Stocks on hand are up in the East and down in the West. The hockey stick effect could result if storage is not marketed in an orderly fashion. Canadian acreage could inch up. According to the latest market information provided by Canadian potato growers, we…


summer 2011 World Review

Project Launched to Develop Hardy Varieties The Spanish research organization Neiker-Tecnalia is reportedly leading an international project to develop new potato varieties that are tolerant to the effects of climate change. The research group will also identify existing cultivars capable of resisting the negative effects of climate change, including global warming, extreme climatic events and the global spread of certain pests and diseases. The research consortium is comprised of eight research institutions…


summer 2011 TUBER TALK

Tuber Talk with Lukie Pieterse Culinary Classification a Hit with Packers and Growers In the leaflet, “Factors That Affect Potato Consumption and Purchasing,” published by Nova Scotia Agricultural College’s Potato Consumer Research Initiative it is stated, “Potatoes are losing their grip on Canadian cuisine and being replaced with various food alternatives. One reason may be related to potato marketing strategies which have not kept up with the changing needs of the modern…


EQUIPMENT and tec. showcase

Stacking Up Benefits for GrowersHerdi palletizers, which have stacked potatoes for 15 years in Europe, are now available to Canadian growers. Saskatoon-based Lewis M. Carter Manufacturing (Canada) Ltd. is offering a full line of Herdi palletizing systems. “Herdi palletizers are proven in the European potato industry,” says Chris Hammel, sales and service manager for LMC. He says the P600 and P800 models are ideal for Canadian growers. “These models are targeted at…

Targeting Late Blight in Canada

This year’s weather conditions in potato-growing regions of Canada are very conducive to an onslaught of late blight, which is caused by the oomycete Phytophthora infestans, and is considered one of the most devastating diseases of potato- and tomato-growing regions in North America. “If the weather continues to be warm and humid during the day and cool at night, chances are the disease will spread—it won’t stop. Once you have it in…


Growing Greener

New online tool tackles the tracking of agriculture’s carbon footprint. Many growers will agree that we live in an era where the need for gathering and managing farming-related data is becoming a substantial and inevitable reality of potato farming. Gone are the days when potato production was “limited” to the basic activities of soil preparation, variety choice, planting, irrigation, pest and disease control, harvesting, storage, and the eventual marketing of the crop—to…


Eye On The Nation

PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDBy Gary Linkletter, Chairman P.E.I. Potato Board Prince Edward Island, like the rest of North America, experienced a cool and wet spring. Despite recent warm weather, at time of writing, our crop development is still about a week behind 2010. That being said, there is still potential for a good crop depending on the conditions for the rest of the growing season. The P.E.I. crop has cleaned up nicely. Processors were…


From Africa to the Netherlands, aeroponics to manure scanning, new innovations are cutting costs and increasing productivity. Aeroponics: More Disease-Free Seed Potatoes in Less Time for Developing Nations Disease-free seed potatoes produced in higher quantities and in less time are the result of research into aeroponics, now underway through the International Potato Center (CIP). Aeroponics refers to the process of growing plants that are suspended in a closed or semi-closed environment, and…

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