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Secondary Nutrients are Critically Important

Potato growers spend appreciable time and effort carefully managing their fields’ nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels. Successful producers don’t stop there, however. They understand that secondary nutrients like magnesium, sulfur and calcium – though required in smaller amounts than nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – are equally essential to plant growth. As per Leibig’s Law of the Minimum, whichever nutrient is least available to plants will prove the limiting factor on crop growth….

Nutrient Stewards Know, Time Isn’t Free

Being wholly dependent on the land, farmers are most successful when they work in tune with nature’s rhythms and requirements. Achieving maximum plant nutrition and yield through a combination of best management practices is integral to any farming operation, as seen with the widely adopted 4R Nutrient Stewardship program. Created to help operations increase profitability and sustainably, the four cornerstones (4Rs) of nutrient stewardship – right nutrient source, right rate, right placement,…

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