NewsBusinessWorkers at Covered Bridge Potato Chips Company on Strike

Workers at Covered Bridge Potato Chips Company on Strike


Labour groups are calling for New Brunswickers to boycott Covered Bridge Potato Chips during a strike by unionized workers at the company’s Hartland, N.B. plant.

Thirty-two members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1288P walked off the job this week and have been picketing outside the factory to back demands for a first contract with Covered Bridge Potato Chips Company.

Carl Flanagan, a union official, said the striking workers will be dropping leaflets at stores, such as Superstore, Sobeys and Costco, to promote their call for customers to keep bags of the company’s Storm Chips brand on the shelves.

“We are not asking them to stop buying altogether, just help us get this employer back to the table so we can reach an agreement,” he said.

The company released a statement Tuesday saying “a relatively small percentage of our production employees” were on strike.

“We want you, our loyal chip fans, customers and suppliers to know that this is just a small bump in the road that many family–run businesses encounter and we are motivated to getting past this,” the statement said.

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