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The Latest Practices for Use of Liquid and Dry Fertilizers – A Spud Smart Webinar & Podcast


Proper nutrient delivery is critical for maximized yield and quality in potatoes, and producers generally use both dry and liquid forms of fertilizer to accomplish this. However, what they choose to use and when depends on many factors, including cropping system (irrigated or not), what equipment they already have, availability of products and cost.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • The affect weather has on fertilizer application
  • What optimal field conditions are for fertilizer application
  • How new technology can help with fertilizer application
  • Which type of fertilizer works best for your personal operation conditions
  • How new fertilizer formulations can help your crop

Webinar Speakers

Alan Baylock
Nutrien Senior Agronomist Alan Baylock

Alan Baylock — Dr. Alan Blaylock earned a Ph.D. in Soil Fertility from Iowa State Univ (1989) and BS (1982) and MS (1984) degrees in Agronomy from Brigham Young Univ.  Supporting marketing, sales, and product development for Nutrien (and its predecessor, Agrium) since 1996, he has managed Nutrien research and education programs in key global markets, such as No. America, Europe, and China.  He has worked with Nutrien’s product development team and managed field research and marketing projects for ESN and related products since 2001.  Prior to joining Agrium in 1996, Alan was Extension Soil Fertility Specialist at Univ. of Wyoming.  Alan has served on numerous regional and national committees, and as an officer of multiple divisions in the American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America.  He was recognized in 2018 by the Soil Science Society of America with the Soil Science Industry and Professional Leadership Award and in 2010 by the American Society of Agronomy with the Agronomic Industry Award.  Alan is a recognized expert in the fertilizer industry, especially in the enhanced-efficiency fertilizer sector, and has spoken on nutrient management at numerous national and international conferences.

Tommy Roach
Nachurs Alpine Solutions Vice President of Product Development and Technical Services Tommy Roach

Tommy Roach — Tommy Roach is presently the Vice President of Product Development and Technical Services for Nachurs Alpine Solutions, headquartered in Marion, Ohio.  As part of his North American duties, he is tasked with finding new ingredients and/or combinations of existing ones to continue the upward trend of crop yields, but at the same time, balancing that with environmental stewardship and sustainability. Tommy graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science and a Master of Science Degree in Crop Physiology.  He has worked in the agricultural industry since that time for Deltapine, Dekalb Genetics, Monsanto, and CoreAgri in various roles which include sorghum breeding, research agronomy, and fertilizer formulation.  Tommy currently lives in Lubbock, Texas with his wife and their 5 children.




Thank you to our webinar sponsors BASF and McCain.

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