PodcastThe Importance of Pre-Harvest Sugar Sampling  – A Spud Smart Roundtable Webinar...

The Importance of Pre-Harvest Sugar Sampling  – A Spud Smart Roundtable Webinar & Podcast


Trying to store your potato crop in the best conditions possible can be tough, but pre-harvest sugar sampling tests may just make it a bit easier. This in-expensive test determines the maturity of a tuber in any field. The test helps growers to determine which potatoes will be better for short, medium and long-term storage. Harvest plans can then be made based on which fields will store for longer.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • Potato storability based on tuber maturity

  • How important the quality of the product going into storage is to the end product

  • The optimal storage temperatures for your potatoes

  • Optimal shipping times for stored potatoes


Todd Forbush headshot Todd Forbush, Vice-President and Storage Systems Engineer with Techmark, Inc.

Todd Forbush received his master’s degree from Michigan State University (MSU) in agricultural engineering in 1989. While at MSU Todd studied the effects of ventilation on the process quality of chip potatoes out of storage under the watchful eyes of the late Burt Cargill and Roger Brook. Following graduation, he continued to apply this work to the commercial potato storage industry at Techmark, Inc. “The most enjoyable part of my job is working with the producers, they are the backbone of this industry and I really like solving problems with them”, says Todd. His faith in God, his wife Kristen and his three children Tyler (wife Jessica, grandson Evan, granddaughter Madison), Taylor (husband Aaron) and Morgan give him stability to address the tough questions that are posed each day in the potato industry. Todd is active at the Williamston Free Methodist Church and is an avid outdoorsman.

Hal Reed, Agronomy Manager with Independent Crop Inputs

Hal Reed headshot

Hal has had a long and productive career in agriculture beginning with the Alberta Wheat Pool (AWP) in 1975. He worked for the AWP for nine years as a grain manager and in his last three years served as the agro manager. For 17 years, Hal was the owner/operator of JEM Holdings Ltd, a company which provided agronomy services and storage management solutions to the specialty crop sector in Taber and area. This business is still represented in ICI with his long standing customer relationships. Hal is part of the ‘soul’ of ICI… he is relentlessly optimistic and a joy to have on the team. He and his wife Marilyn live in Taber and are passionate about their family and serving their community and friends.

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For more information on sugar sampling read our latest feature story about it.

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