NewsBusinessReport Finds U.S. Potato Industry Contributes $100.9 billion to Economy

Report Finds U.S. Potato Industry Contributes $100.9 billion to Economy


A new report commissioned by the National Potato Council (NPC) has found that the United States potato sector contributed US$100.9 billion in 2021 to the country’s economy, a Feb. 28 news release said. The analysis was authored by economists from Michigan State University.

“Not only are potatoes an essential and healthy component in our diet, but now we can say unequivocally that they are vital to the American economy,” RJ Andrus, NPC president, said in the release.

The report found the following direct and indirect economic activity contributes to the US$100.9 billion figure:

  • US$10.8 billion in agriculture production and agribusiness services
  • US$49.1 billion in processing, wholesaling, and retail
  • And US$41 billion in food service industries and household consumption

According to the analysis, the U.S. potato sector is responsible for generating an estimated 714,000 domestic jobs and providing wages of US$34.1 billion annually to those employed along its supply chain. And 0.4 per cent of the entire U.S. workforce relies on the potato industry for their livelihoods, contributing US$53 million towards annual GDP growth, the release said.

The release noted the report demonstrates that potatoes not only provide high-quality nutrients but are a driver of America’s economic prosperity, including direct economic activity (growing, processing, and retail) and the creation of jobs throughout the country.

The full report is available on the NPC website.

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