AgronomyCrop ProductionParts of Manitoba Potato Fields Reporting Emergence Issues

Parts of Manitoba Potato Fields Reporting Emergence Issues


Parts of potato fields in Manitoba reporting poor emergence or stand have been plowed under with cover crops being planted, the July 8 provincial potato report from Manitoba Agriculture’s Vikram Bisht said.

In well drained fields, potato crops are looking good with crop conditions ranging from just emerged to 14″ plant height and showing tuber initiation.

There was widespread rainfall across Manitoba during the week of June 27 to July 4. Rainfall at many sites has been nearly 110 per cent to closing on to 220 per cent of the 30-year normal, the report said. Temperatures have been in the upper 20 C and below 10 C, making for a good week for tuberization.

Late blight risk severity values are accumulating fast to high, nearing critical in many areas, the report noted. However, spore traps at all  locations were negative for late blight spores. Bisht noted aphid monitoring has begun with low numbers being reported so far. Colorado potato beetles are showing up in more site sites, and there may need monitoring for egg masses and hatching.

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