New Irrigation Boom Nozzle Released by Senninger Irrigation

LDN Wide Spray Bubble
The new LDN Wide Spray Bubble. Photo: Senninger Irrigation

The LDN Wide Spray Bubbler, a new irrigation boom nozzle, has been released by Senninger Irrigation, the company says in a news release on August 9.

The LDN Wide Spray Bubbler is a LEPA innovation and is a cost-effective solution for 0.76 to 1.5 m (30″ to 60″) spacing, the release says. This new bubbler allows Senninger to provide the low-pressure water-saving efficiencies of LEPA application while achieving total coverage.

It produces a wide gentle aerated pattern suitable for most crops and soils. Growers can also take advantage of changing from a LEPA to a LESA spray pattern with a simple twist and flip of the deflector assembly, the release notes.

It fits onto grower’s existing LDN UP3 bracket. Components are available as assemblies or separate components.

The LDN Wide Spray Bubbler is available for purchase as of August 12 in Canada.

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