There’s so much happening in terms of potato disease and nematode management to consider, whether it’s what your field history looks like? Are you rotating your crops? And are you using tools to help your potatoes get the best possible start? Even though it can be overwhelming, it’s not impossible to come up with a management plan for your operation.

On Wednesday, March 23 at 9:10 am CDT, the Canadian Spud Congress will be hosting a panel discussion sponsored by Bayer Crop Science to help learn some strategies to get your potatoes in the right place for harvest called: “Crop Talk — Canadian Growers Discuss Nematode and Disease Management.” Joining the panel discussion are Charles Emre, a fourth-generation grower in Norfolk County, Ont., Darren White, an agronomist with Delta Ag Services and Steve Watts, who is owner and operator of Genesis Crop Systems Inc. out of Hampton, P.E.I.

To learn more about the session, Spud Smart caught up with Steve Watts over email to talk about what to expect.

Spud Smart (SS): How long have you been working in the potato industry? And how did you end up working in it? Steve Watts

Steve Watts (SW): I’ve spent most of my life involved in the potato industry somehow or other. My father managed a fairly large growing/exporting company, so I ended up spending a lot of time there with him and working part/full time as a youngster and prior to college. After trying a few other jobs/career options I figured the potato industry fit me perfectly.

SS: What is the Canadian Spud Congress session that you’re taking part in about?

SW: It’s a bit of a country wide snapshot of how growers and their advisors deal with root lesion nematodes and various crop diseases.

SS: What is your favourite part about being in the potato industry?

SW: The people and all the variability between growing areas. The agronomy side which I’m involved with allows for lots of outside time. There is certainly no shortage of challenges.

To watch this session live register for the Canadian Spud Congress for free.

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