Komet Irrigation’s New Part-Circle Sprinkler with Uniform Water Application


Komet Irrigation has released a new part-circle sprinkler design, the Komet Precision Twister (KPT) PC-180, which has dry wheel tracks and provides consistent droplet size and uniform water application, an April 28 news release says.

The release notes that previous part-circle sprinklers have been either fixed-spray or rotating stream devices — which doesn’t allow for uniform water application.

“Our part-circle design combines the core principles of the KPT with a unique sprinkler deflector and groove configuration that effectively directs water off the pivot structure without compromising irrigation,” Josh Mosier, general manager and technical sales director of Komet Irrigation Corp. for U.S. and Canada, says in the release.

The KPT PC-180 features a standard angle and multi-jet trajectory for controlling droplet size consistency in a 180-degree wetted pattern across the entire throw and nozzle range, the release says. It also pairs gentle water application and low instantaneous application with the proper overlap of individual sprinkler patterns.

The KPT PC-180 is now available in Canada.

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