A look at latest potato varieties available for Canadian potato growers for the 2022 growing season from companies and breeding programs around the world.

Spring has sprung in the Great White North and with that comes a new planting season. Spud Smart checked in with potato breeders and seed companies across the country to see what the latest varieties available for this growing season are.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

AAC Arctic AAC Arctic

AAC Arctic produces large, round potatoes with smooth white skin and cream flesh. This variety has moderate resistance to scab and carries two copies of a marker associated with resistance to golden nematode. This fresh market variety has good yields and is licensed to Kroeker Farms.


AAC Moccasin AAC Moccasin

AAC Moccasin is a light russet variety with oblong tubers and white flesh. This high yielding variety has moderate resistance to Verticillium albo-atrum as well as good french fry, boil, and bake scores. The tuber is licenced to Québec Parmentier for dual purpose french fry variety.


AAC Blaze AAC Blaze

AAC Blaze is a fresh market variety with a very high set that’s licensed to Kroeker Farms in Manitoba. It produces potatoes with a uniform small, round shape with smooth red skin and white flesh. This variety matures early and exhibits a moderate to high resistance to common scab.


AAC Red Rover AAC Red Rover

AAC Red Rover is a round, fresh market variety with red skin and white flesh that’s licensed to Kroeker Farms. It boasts good yields, low incidence of hollow heart and moderate to high resistance to common scab.


New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries

AAC Eastern Russet AC Eastern Russet

AC Eastern Russet is an early market yellow with a medium dormancy slightly longer than Shepody, and is a good replacement variety for Yukon Gold. It has large oblong tubers with light-yellow flesh and russet skin. This fresh market variety is resistant to common scab, has moderate resistance to foliar late blight, very low incidence of hollow heart and greening but is moderately susceptible to growth crack. It has good boil and bake scores with a relatively moist texture. It’s licensed to the Canadian Eastern Growers.

Parkland Seed Potatoes

AAC Crimson Tide

AAC Crimson Tide

AAC Crimson Tide is a red skin creamer variety with pale yellow flesh. The tubers are uniform round with shallow eyes and smooth skin. It’s high set, skin finish, and resistance to common scab make it a good variety for the creamer market.


AAC Midnight

AAC Midnight

AAC Midnight has purple skin and flesh. It has a good yield and produces consistent round tubers. The skin finish is smooth and resistant to common scab. Its purple flesh colour is maintained after cooking making it a good variety for cooking.


Quebec Parmentier


Alliston is a high yielding early maturing variety. Its skin is bright with extremely white flesh, and it has a uniform set and low incidence of misshaped tubers. It’s mainly a fresh market variety but can also be used for fresh cut french fries. It is oval to round in shape and has a short dormancy. AC Chaleur is one of its parents and it can be managed similar to it in a field. Alliston is sensitive to fusarium and has little resistance to common scab.

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