Videos Fighting Common Scab: A Spud Smart Roundtable Webinar

Fighting Common Scab: A Spud Smart Roundtable Webinar


Common scab is a pervasive threat to some potato-growing regions in Canada. Lesions and cavities on infected tubers can render them unmarketable. Researchers and industry experts are still trying to determine why the pathogen is more prevalent in some fields than others as well as the best methods for fighting the disease.
While growers use many different practices to control common scab, none have proven to be totally effective. During this webinar, four industry experts will discuss common scab and management practices offering the best chances for success when combatting the disease.

Webinar topics include:
• Summary and assessment of scab suppression techniques
• Scab-resistant varieties
• The heritability of scab resistance in potato breeding
• Factors driving common scab severity in soils
• Improving resistance of existing potato varieties using somaclonal variation
• Biocides used to control common scab in potatoes and field trial results
• Common scab species
• Relationships between soil chemistry and scab severity
• The effect of planting common scab-infected seed on daughter tubers and disease suppression techniques
• Soil chemical factors that reduce scab severity
• Treatments that suppress scab, such as plant hormones

Meet Our Webinar Speakers:
Robert Coffin
Potato breeder

Claudia Goyer
Molecular bacteriologist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

George Lazarovits
Director of research at A&L Biologicals

Gefu Wang-Pruski
Professor and potato researcher at Dalhousie University

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