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Farm24: British Farmers Tell Their Stories On Social Media On August 9

24 Hours in Farming is the agricultural industry’s biggest online event with an audience reach of more than 112 million.

Each year, British farmers take to social media for one day to post pictures, videos and text to show and explain the work they are doing that day. The aim is to show consumers the vast extent of the effort and care which goes into producing the food they eat.

This year’s event will once again be sponsored by Morrisons and will take place from 5am on Aug. 9 to 5am the following morning.

Farmers Guardian editor Ben Briggs says: “Farmers can post on any platform using the hashtag #Farm24 and we would encourage them to post numerous times throughout the day with updates about what they are doing. We want to give as broad a picture as possible of a day in the life of farming so whether you are going to market, meeting your agronomist, attending a farming meeting or social event, or anything in between, please share your farming related activities with us.

“The success of 24 Hours in Farming in terms of reaching a wider consumer audience relies on the industry really getting behind it and taking part. We have been overwhelmed by their participation in previous years and we hope we continue to build on that success in 2018.”

The aim is for #Farm24 to trend on social media throughout the day and for us to use that traction to gain as much publicity for the event and subsequently the industry as possible.

Source: Farmers Guardian

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